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Mitchell Clamp Rings

Mitchell Clamp Rings: Ask for them by name

Mitchell Clamp Rings are renowned world-wide as simply the best wire rings for wreaths on the market. Quality wreath producers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe trust our clamp rings to be built with precision and perform without failure. Broken welds and weak metal ring frames cost you time, money and headaches. Our specialized manufacturing processes ensure our metal wire wreath rings will maintain their shape under weight and securely hold foliage. As with all of our products, Mitchell Clamp Rings offer unsurpassed performance value and hardware dependability.

Over 50 years in the wreath ring manufacturing business combines with three vital ingredients to create simply the best metal wreath rings available:

  1. We select special ring wire that is optimized to be strong, resistant to sagging and warping, while at the same time providing a sturdy base for welds. We use a unique steel formulation for the clips on our clamp rings to achieve the optimal levels of strength and malleability. Unlike generic wreath ring manufacturers, Mitchell Clamp Rings are fine-tuned to not spring back after the clips are clamped closed around your wreath materials.
  2. Our patented wreath ring production process allows us to weld two distinctly different steels together, creating some of the strongest, most reliable welds you’ll find in the wreath-making industry.
  3. We continually test and measure our wreath clamp rings to ensure that you receive the highest quality wreath rings on the market.

Contact us to learn more! Mitchell Clamp Rings are your key to successful wreath production. Ask for them by name.

Contact us today at 800-967-7464 to discuss the advantages of Mitchell’s progressive metal stamping services. As one of the Midwest’s leading providers of custom metal forming solutions, Mitchell proudly serves a diverse range of commercial clients spanning from Minneapolis and Chicago to Europe and the rest of the world. Let us put our innovative team of craftsmen to work for your business.