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48"-54" Clamp Wreath Rings

When you require a large eye-catching wreath – such as those used by business storefronts and commercial decorators during the Christmas season – Mitchell large-diameter clamp rings are the answer. Our 48″ – 54″ clamp rings are produced with one large clip per inch of clamp ring diameter to securely hold ample amounts of foliage and wreath material. The large clip allows producers to place even larger and heavier amounts of wreath materials on the wreath ring form than our smaller wreath offerings. Our large clamp rings yield finished wreaths with diameters as low as 56″ or extravagant wreath displays up to 6’ in diameter. Our premium, heavy-gauge hoop wire assures our clamp rings maintain their round shape when displayed on buildings, businesses and homes when loaded to the brim with foliage and decorations.

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