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Novelty Clamp Shapes

Novelty Clamp Shapes & Custom Themed Wreath Rings for All Holidays & Occasions

Mitchell novelty clamp shapes and custom themed wreath rings will add a festive look to homes, churches, schools and businesses, giving you a unique seasonal product option to offer to your customers.

Our novelty-shaped wreath rings feature the renowned clip design found on our other innovative metal clamp rings. We produce our novelty wreath forms to the same precision standards applied to all of our premium wreath-making products. They are just creatively customized with novelty-themed shapes for holidays and all occasions – from Christmas to Independence Day, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day and every celebration in between.

Premium Novelty Wreath Rings in All Shapes & Sizes

A wide variety of shapes and sizes are available. Candy canes and crosses are among the most popular custom wreath options, as are door swag frames and rings used for building popular Advent wreaths. Our custom holiday wreath options include unique shapes such as corner swags, snowflake forms, bells, as well as our innovative clamp grave blanket form. Mixed starter packs featuring a combination of our most popular shapes are also available.

Customizable Novelty Clamp Rings for All Holidays & Special Occasions

Mitchell Wreath Rings offers the largest and most comprehensive selection of novelty wreath forms in the industry. Our novelty metal wreath rings are not limited to just Christmas and holiday forms. Hearts, arches, swags, centerpieces and mantel frames can be used for any number of special occasions or for floral and craft products.

When you select Mitchell Novelty Clamp Rings, you are using simply the best, most trusted wreath forms available. Contact us to learn more! Mitchell Novelty Clamp Rings: Ask for them by name.

Contact us today at 800-967-7464 to discuss the advantages of Mitchell’s progressive metal stamping services. As one of the Midwest’s leading providers of custom metal forming solutions, Mitchell proudly serves a diverse range of commercial clients spanning from Minneapolis and Chicago to Europe and the rest of the world. Let us put our innovative team of craftsmen to work for your business.