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Reduced Clip Clamp Rings

At Mitchell Wreath Rings we pride ourselves on offering the best wire wreath ring forms on the market. We also challenge ourselves to create innovative solutions for our customers’ unique wreath-making requirements.

The excessive number of clips on large rings, along with the inability to use progressively longer foliage as the wreath diameter increases, have both been major drawbacks for wreath producers who desire to use clamp rings for larger diameter wreaths. The complaints stem from the fact that too many handfuls of foliage are required for each wreath – the foliage width does not increase appropriately for large diameter wreaths, so the building process becomes excessively long. Additionally, less wasted bough material is created when longer lengths are used, making large-diameter wreaths more cost-effective from a material standpoint. Mitchell Reduced Clip Clamp Rings are the answer to these challenges.

After years of testing with numerous types of wreath material, we engineered the optimal reduced clip count wreath rings to address the complaints listed above and save our customers money. This is accomplished by reducing the number of handfuls required for each wreath ring, which also speeds up wreath production significantly. Our reduced clamp designs allow for the creation of fuller large-diameter wreaths and while wasting less bough material in the building process. As the ring diameter increases, the space between each clip increases proportionally until the spacing maximizes out at 4.7″ on rings with diameters greater than 30”. Contact us to learn more!

Mitchell Reduced Clip wreath rings are made with the same precision as our standard clamp rings and are available in the following size and clip count combinations:

  • 18″ with 17 clips, 20″ with 19 clips, 24″ with 21 clips, 30″ with 22 clips, 36″ with 24 clips, 48″ with 32 clips, 54″ with 36 clips. You will be surprised at the difference Mitchell Reduced Clip Clamp rings make when combined with longer length wreath materials. The results are outstanding.

Contact us today at 800-967-7464 to discuss the advantages of Mitchell’s progressive metal stamping services. As one of the Midwest’s leading providers of custom metal forming solutions, Mitchell proudly serves a diverse range of commercial clients spanning from Minneapolis and Chicago to Europe and the rest of the world. Let us put our innovative team of craftsmen to work for your business.