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Mitchell Clamp Machines

Mitchell Clamp Machines set the benchmark for quality in the wreath production industry.

All of our wreath machine models are expertly made in America. Like all of our products, we design and produce our wreath-making machines in our precision metal stamping and metal forming facility.

Designed with Industry-Leading Precision

At Mitchell Metal Products, we’re no strangers to high standards. Our wreath machine products are engineered to the same precision manufacturing and quality control processes that we utilize for producing medical devices, computer sub-assemblies, power transmission products and other precision components.

The result is that our clamp machines are overbuilt to perform consistently for many years to come.

Four Clamp Machine Options, Optimized for Your Application

We offer four unique wreath-making machines, each designed to streamline wreath production in the most efficient and worry-free manner possible. Our engineers minimize the number of moving parts to make our products perform reliably with minimum user maintenance required – simply clean and lubricate the machine jaws periodically and it will perform without fail.

  • The Mitchell Original Machine has been the industry standard in quality clamp machines since its introduction. It is designed to close clips around wreath materials in a traditional fashion, allowing wreath makers to hammer down wreath ring clips by hand.
    For years this style of wreath production was used for its simplicity and reliability. Some wreath producers still prefer the clamping action of the Mitchell Original Clamp Machine.
  • The Mitchell No-Hammer Clamp Machine was introduced in 1995 and quickly became our best-selling clamp machine. It closes clips in the “No-Hammer” fashion which bends clip-ends down flat, eliminating the perceived need to hammer down clips.
    The innovative No-Hammer™ clamp machine provides the tightest, most secure manner of clamp wreath production on the market. Wreath production has never been simpler or more efficient. The Mitchell No-Hammer Clamp Machine is manufactured to handle the rigors of the most strenuous wreath manufacturing imaginable, from mass production to industrial applications.
  • The Mitchell Craftmaster II is the perfect wreath-production machine for crafters and small volume wreath makers who want to save time by using clamp rings. This efficient machine was engineered precisely for low-volume producers and features the same closing action as our innovative No-Hammer™ machine.
    The Craftmaster II utilizes a compact gear drive system operated by a hand lever, allowing the entire machine to be mounted on a table or workbench. It comes with versatile mounting hardware and brackets which can be used to quickly set up the machine for one-off jobs or permanently mount it in your production line. We recommend this machine for customers who will produce a small volume of specialized wreaths each year rather than large-scale production runs.
  • The Mitchell Mini-Crafter is a utility tool which can be used to close wreath clips, one clip leg at a time. It’s the perfect tool for producing customized wreaths in low-volume specialty runs. The tubular end of the tool is slipped over the clip leg to bend it closed over wreath materials. Additionally, the tool end has hole through the tubular wall which is used to re-open clips if necessary.
    Our Mini-Crafter is the perfect tool for wreath makers who wish to produce one to several specialty wreaths per season.

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