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Mitchell Wreath Rings Innovations

Mitchell Metal Products prides itself in providing innovative solutions to its customers. We apply the same theory to our wreath ring products.

Our clamp rings out-perform all others. Our innovative welding process allows us to weld wire that has differing steel content. The result is we are able to specify wire for our rings that is designed to maintain its shape and wire for clips that is specially mixed to avoid spring back when the clip is closed around wreath materials. No other clamp ring offers this type of performance. Our clips remain tightly closed around wreath materials even as those materials begin to dry out over time.

Mitchell Wreath Rings was also the first wreath ring manufacturer to offer Reduced Clip Rings as a standard product offering. Customers have a choice when ordering 18” – 54” clamp rings from us. Rings may be purchased with the traditional one clip for each inch of ring diameter. They may also be ordered with a reduced number of clips. This allows the wreath maker to select longer boughs and materials as ring diameter increases. The result is a wider wreath on larger diameter rings. This allows a large clamp wreath to take on the same appearance as a hand-tied large wreath.

Our innovations do not stop with the products we offer. Contact us today to learn more about our Early Order Discount Plan. Many customers elect to order early and earn valuable discounts. Our Early Order Promotion period runs from January 1 – May 31 each year. Ask us how our Early Order Discount Plan can save you money on your annual wreath ring purchases.

Mitchell Metal Products is your source for wreath rings, wreath-making machines and related wreath-making equipment. Our wreath rings are simply the best available. Mitchell Wreath Rings: Ask for them by name.