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Craft Master

The Mitchell Craftmaster II is the perfect wreath-production machine for crafters and small-volume wreath makers who wish to take advantage of the time-saving advantages of clamp rings. This machine was developed precisely for low-volume producers. It features the same closing action of our popular Mitchell No Hammer machine. It utilizes a gear drive system operated by a hand lever that allows this compact machine to be mounted on a table or work bench. It comes with temporary mounting hardware and bracket which can be used to permanently mount the machine. We recommend this machine for users who will produce a small quantity of wreaths each year. This machine comes with a 30-day warranty against defects in workmanship and operation. Learn how to install and operate the Craft Master by viewing this video.


The Mitchell No-Hammer Clamp Machine is equipped with hardened steel jaws designed for high-volume, long-term use. The jaws are fully adjustable for a wide variety of clamp rings. Closes in the “no hammer” fashion which clamps clips tightly and flat. There is no need to hammer down clips when using the Mitchell No-Hammer clamp machine. Video assembly instructions are available here.


The Mitchell Mini-Crafter is a utility tool that can be used to close clips, one clip leg at a time, for production of low-volume wreaths. It also doubles as a tool to re-open clips when necessary. The device is a wonderful tool for crafters who wish to produce one to several wreaths a season. The tubular end of the tool can be slipped over the clip leg to bend it closed over the wreath materials. In addition, the end has a hole through the tubular wall that is used to re-open clips if necessary. Watch as we show how well it works for crafting wreaths.

Mitchell Metal Stand

The perfect complement to any of our Mitchell clamp machines. The stand is designed to accommodate any of the Mitchell clamp machines. Special attention has been paid in designing the table for ease of take-down and reassembly. Tubular top and bottom lets legs disassemble from the unit. The video provides instructions on how to quickly assemble the stand.