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Hand Tied Rings

Custom Hand Tied Wreath Rings from 10” to 96” in Diameter

If you need a reliable source for single rail crimped, double rail flat, or plain round wreath rings, look no further than Mitchell Wreath Rings.

Our hand tied wreath rings are produced from heavy-gauge wire that is optimized for long-lasting strength and ample weldability. We offer wreath rings in all sizes from 6″ to 96″ in diameter as standard products. If those options don’t cover your needs, we can custom produce larger wreath rings exactly to your specifications. We are proud to have supplied unique, quality wreath rings for some of the largest evergreen wreaths ever displayed publicly.

Please note that our large single rail crimped rings (sizes 24″ – 36″), economy crimped rings and plain round wreath rings are available by special order only. Please allow up to two weeks for production of these wreath ring products.

Premium Wreath Rings & Wire Forms for Crafting Beautiful Hand Tied Wreaths with Custom Designs

Since 1956, when Gordon Mitchell started producing wreath rings in his metal shop for Christmas wreath suppliers, Mitchell Metal Products has been supplying simply the best traditional hand-tie wreath rings and wreath forms on the market.

From the beginning, what set Mitchell Wreath Rings apart from others is our attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the wreath-production process. Today, with over 50 years in the wreath business, we continue to produce our products with the same hardworking precision and care that Gordon displayed back in 1956 when he founded our company.

When you need a reliable source with reliable products for your hand tie wreath ring requirement, think of Mitchell Wreath Rings. Our wreath products are simply the best. Ask for them by name. Contact us to learn more about our hand tie wire wreath forms.

Contact us today at 800-967-7464 to discuss the advantages of Mitchell’s progressive metal stamping services. As one of the Midwest’s leading providers of custom metal forming solutions, Mitchell proudly serves a diverse range of commercial clients spanning from Minneapolis and Chicago to Europe and the rest of the world. Let us put our innovative team of craftsmen to work for your business.