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Instructions for Making Floral Craft Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths, dried floral wreaths and other floral craft displays are easily produced using Mitchell Wreath Rings. All of our products from clamp rings, to hand-tie rings can be used for your floral projects.

The most important step in the production of floral craft wreaths is the proper selection of wreath materials. A wide variety of materials can be used, including evergreen boughs, dried flowers, grass, dried foliage and even materials as exotic as prickly pear cactus leaves (picks removed, of course).

Once the wreath materials are selected, cutting them to a similar length is vital. This will allow you to build uniformly sized handfuls to place on your wreath. If you are uncertain of the proper length in which to cut wreath material, start by cutting it from 8” to 10” long. The larger the wreath you are building, the longer the wreath materials should be cut. Nevertheless, 8” to 10” long is a good starting point. Contact us to learn more!

When using clamp rings with a wreath-making machine, it is best to line the inside of the clips with a soft material such as moss, straw or dried grass. This cushions the dried materials as the clips are closed by the wreath machine.

Cedar Boxwood Craft Wreath
Cedar Boxwood Craft Wreath
Floral and craft wreaths made easy
Floral and craft wreaths made easy
  1. The first step will be gathering a handful of wreath materials for placement on the ring. A generous handful of wreath materials results in a fuller wreath, while thinner handful produces a flatter wreath. You may wish to experiment with varying sized handfuls until you create the appearance you desire. Bear in mind that variety in material length or size of handfuls will produce an uneven appearance.
  2. Place the handful of wreath materials in the first clip (or on to the wreath ring if you are hand-tying the wreath) and then secure them by closing or twisting the clip (tying floral wire when hand-tying) around the materials to secure them in place.
  3. Continue the same process as you work your way around the wreath ring. When you come to the last clip, gently pull back the first bunch of boughs so you can tuck the final handful under the first bunch of wreath materials secured to the ring.
  4. All that is left is to trim the wreath as desired and add a bow or other decorations to your creation.