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Crafters and Craft Industry Suppliers know that Mitchell Wreath Rings provide a reliable source of wreath hardware. Our craft-related products, such as the Mitchell No Hammer™ Clamp Machine, Craftmaster II wreath machine and Starter Packs are just what crafters need to produce beautiful dried floral and artificial wreaths and specialty shapes. The same wreath hardware can also be used for traditional Christmas wreaths. There is no need to double-source wreath-related products when you select Mitchell Wreath Rings as your supplier.

Mitchell clamp rings provide a great base for craft wreaths and are available in ten-count boxes. The Craftmaster II is the perfect clamp machine for craft-minded individuals. It is one of the most economical wreath-making machines available, yet is produced to the same strict standards as our high-end models. Starter Packs offering a variety of shapes and sizes are ideal for Crafters. They provide a mix of wreath ring frames in small quantity packs — perfect for those starting out.

Contact us today to learn how Mitchell Wreath Rings can support your craft hobby or your craft-related business. Check out our Instructions for Floral Wreath Making page for tips and instructions. Before you know it you will be turning out high-quality craft wreaths.

When you contact us you are assured that you are seeking simply the best wreath ring products available. Mitchell Wreath Rings: Ask for them by name.