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Clamp Candy Canes & Crosses

Among the most popular of all our specialty wreath ring forms are crosses and candy canes. We offer a large selection of cross and candy cane clamp ring forms built with the quality metals and sturdy construction that Mitchell is known for. Our clamp ring crosses are available in 18″, 24″ and 30″. We also offer a 30″ clamp cross with extension that allows the frame to act as its own wreath easel.

Our unique candy cane wreath forms are available in 24″ and 18″ sizes, as well as in left- and right-hand styles for ample customization. (Handedness is determined by which way the hook at the top of the candy cane bends. A left cane bends to the left as it is displayed, and vice versa.) Whether you’re building a small memorial wreath or a commercial holiday display, Mitchell Wreath Rings has you covered with our custom cross and candy cane wreath forms.

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